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Jericho on CBS
Geography lesson, please 
12th-Apr-2010 08:46 pm
First post and, of course, it has to be a question...

Does anyone have a list of cities we are certain were/were not hit? I'm working on a little something in the show's 'verse (so far only peripheral to our favorite Kansans), but I'm having trouble remembering more than:

San Diego
Lawrence, KS
Minneapolis/St. Paul

New York

So far, I'm specifically trying to remember LA, Seattle (which I want to say was 'yes'), and New Orleans (though it was a year after Katrina, so perhaps 'They' figured that would be a waste of nuclear material?)

And I promise, next time I'll bring a gift of some sort...

(Mods, please delete or redirect if/as appropriate.)
13th-Apr-2010 02:31 am (UTC)
The Cities Hit
The following cities appear to have been hit:

Dallas, Texas
On the target list that Sarah reviews on her computer (Ep. 1.12)
Major transportation center - DFW is one of the world's busiest in passenger traffic

Lawrence, Kansas
(according to a FEMA leaflet in Rouge River. Lawrence is about 35 miles west of Kansas City)
Structures and buildings have been destroyed (Ep. 1.15)

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Major medical sciences community and advanced infrastructure.
Update: Was almost certainly hit - Confirmed with producer interview May 2007

Chicago, Illinois
(On the target list that Sarah reviews on her computer in (Ep. 1.12)
Third largest population of U.S. cities; major economic and transportation center.

Detroit, Michigan
11th largest U.S. population; large African-American and Arab communities.
Large oil refinery (100,000bpd facility run by Marathon Petroleum Company) that transfers oil from larger hulled tankers to the smaller ones serving ports to the west of Detroit on the Great Lakes.

Seattle, Washington
Major West Coast seaport. Bremerton WA is across Puget Sound, and is home to Naval Base Kitsap, home of the Pacific based Trident SSBN force.

San Francisco, California
Three major Oil Refineries to the north in Benecia, Avon and Martinez as well as Concord Naval Weapons Station.

Los Angeles, California
Ports of Long Beach-Los Angeles are the primary deep water ports on the West Coast
Four major oil refineries on the outskirts of LA. Also, major aerospace presence in town with multiple contractors having plants in the El Segundo area.

San Diego, California
Home of major U.S. naval facility for Pacific and Marine base

Atlanta, Georgia
9th in population, but major financial center and site of the world's busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic.

Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona
Tucson - Davis-Monathan AFB
Phoenix - Possible, Many military aircraft manufacturing plants. Also high tech electronic firms.
Phoenix - Luke AFB.

Denver, Colorado
Location of the U.S. Mint serving the western U.S. Philadelphia houses the Mint serving the Eastern U.S. Destruction of both Mints would cause financial chaos. NORAD is in Colorado Springs (south of Denver). It would be a high priority target, but if the bomb was really was in Denver, NORAD is probably OK.

Houston, Texas
Major Gulf Coast port. Location of number of oil refineries and LNG plants

Miami, Florida
Major U.S. Southern port and air transportation hub to Central and South America

Charlotte, North Carolina
Second largest financial center in the United States - home to two of the country's largest banks, Bank America and Wachovia.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Central manufacturing location (steel plants)
Located at confluence of three major rivers, blockage of which would inhibit river traffic on barges for a large portion of eastern/midwest U.S.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Location of the U.S. Mint serving the Eastern U.S. Denver houses the Mint serving the Western U.S. Destruction of both Mints would cause financial chaos

Boston, Massachusetts
Major East-coast sea port.

Hartford, Connecticut
It is not know if Hartford was the actual blast site. This is close by the U.S. naval facility which could have been the intended target. If Hartford was the target, it is the home of major U.S. insurance companies and where a large number of U.S. companies are incorporated due to tax laws in the state.

Washington, D.C.
The nations capital and seat of the legislature, executive branch, Supreme Court, military power (the Pentagon) and historical records. Many major targets in one nice small area.

Baltimore, Maryland
It's location to the north of Washington, D.C. and number of government agencies located between it and D.C. sealed it's fate.

St George, Utah
Another possible target was Las Vegas and the Hoover dam.
13th-Apr-2010 02:40 am (UTC)
Fantastic! Thanks.

I was afraid you'd say Seattle and LA, I just couldn't remember...

Charlotte surprises me (but not as much as seeing the fliers about Lawrence in Rogue River. Really? Lawrence, Kansas?). And, personally, I think Baltimore is overkill, given fallout from DC and Philly (and maybe because I'm currently living south of both DC and Baltimore with a nuclear power plant between us and there is such a thing as Too Much).

Connecticut makes sense (though some overkill with NYC and Boston planned), given Groton and War College.

And I'm sorry, but Utah makes me laugh. I don't know why. (And I thought Kenchi proved Las Vegas wasn't hit? As in, he escaped it because there was no power and no hot water; can't remember exact quote, but he didn't say anything about the bombs.)

Okay, that went on a bit...Thanks again!
13th-Apr-2010 02:45 am (UTC)
Targeted Cities that Survived

New York City, New York
Gray Anderson reported New York was spared when NYC cops stopped people just before they set off a 20KT bomb that was contained in a 55-gallon drum (Ep. 1.04)

St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis was on the target list Sarah reviews on her computer in (Ep. 1.12)
Not shown as hit on Blackjack map (Ep. 1.13)

Columbus, Ohio
Hawkins' bomb was supposed to be detonated in Columbus (Ep. 1.12)
The group of people posing as U.S. Marines stated that Columbus was set as the new national capital (Ep. 1.15)

Sacramento, California
Apparently Sacramento did not get hit as it was noted previously.

Cheyenne, Wyoming
The new capital of the Allied States of America.

San Antonio or Austin, Texas
The new capital of the Republic of Texas

Montgomery, Alabama
Montgomery appears to be communicating/negotiating with Tallahassee (Ep. 1.13)

Columbus, Ohio
Robert Hawkins was supposed to deliver his package (bomb) to this location (Ep. 1.12)

Syracuse or Albany, New York
13th-Apr-2010 02:53 am (UTC)
Oooh! Please share!

I'm SO in Jericho withdrawal! Maybe it's time for another marathon ... :D
13th-Apr-2010 02:58 am (UTC)
It's *always* time for another marathon (one of the Very Few Perks of such a short series). I will be watching much in the future, but for now I'm just outlining and so need quick reference and reality check. Not sure when I'll have anything to post, but I'll drop a line here when I do. (I'm trying to attack the Ravenwood/DHS/J&R thing from an NCIS angle. It's totally out of my pay grade, but I can't let it go.)
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