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Thoughts on Jericho

Greetings from a newbie to this community! I hope you don't mind if I
just dive right in with some of my thoughts on the show.

So far, we've had 3 episodes aired which have taken place over a time
of about 2 days within the show.

The townspeople and leaders of Jericho know that Denver (or near it)
was nuked with something that caused a mushroom cloud. They suspect (via
various means) that multiple cities in the US were also nuked. They
also know that there is a prisoner bus not far outside of town, but have
no idea HOW many prisoners were on said bus. They now also know that
there is at least one 757's worth of passengers and crew wandering
around somewhere; possibly more.

So, they pretty much know that the SHTF (stuff hit the fan), but still
all seem to be in a state of denial. Seems to me they are all sitting
around just waiting on the Federal Government to sweep in and take care
of them (IE - FEMA), instead of taking ANY precautions for survival

The only one with a sembelance of a clue is Mr. Hawkins, the very savvy
black guy who claims to be a former cop. And they are pointedly
ignoring his attempts to help.

Here are some questions I have, in no particular order:

1. We have yet to see any attempt to organize the town for long term
survival. Instead, they sit around all evening having a BBQ.

2. Where did the supposed radiation in the rain go? 2 minutes after
the rain stopped, they head outside, and the geiger counter registered
nothing. Plot hole (radiation sticks around a while folks) or plot
point (no radiation fallout, to be explained later)?

3. No attempt to conserve what few resources they have. What little
gasoline is currently in vehicles, local gas stations, and farms is
*IT*. They won't be manufacturing more. So, what do they do? Continue
to drive around town, as well as send out the "four horsemen" on a
fool's errand, wasting gas and risking losing a vehicle due to accident,
theft, or confiscation. Wasting fuel to run the generator at the
*BAR*???? Please. You can get drunk in the dark. ;-)

4. No attempt to organize a local militia or security detail to patrol
the region around the town, both looking for survivors and protecting
the town from predators (both 4 legged and 2). They are a small town in
the midwest, for crying out loud. Those types of folks are raised to
be self reliant, comfortable with guns, and not prone to panic. These
aren't (for the most part) big city dwellers who have no survival

5. Have they just forgotten about the HAM radio operator from the
pilot? Shortwave radio will let them contact people MUCH further away
than 4 guys in SUV's can drive on a tank of gas. And, I find it hard to
believe that in a small midwest town there was only ONE guy with a HAM
radio, and he was a nutjob to boot. Heck, my small backwoods hometown
in upper East Tenneessee had several...!

6. What happened to the Mayor in his office? Stroke? Heart attack?
Fainted? Somebody knock him over the head? I don't recall it being

7. What exactly IS Mr. Hawkins? Ex-cop? Military? Intelligence? Or
just survivalist? Whatever he is, he seems to have a level head on his
shoulders, and keeps offering to help, but the goobers in charge keep
ignoring him. Which is surprising in one way, but not in another...

I know it is only a TV show. :) But, it is obviously written by
folks in Hollywood who have no real clue what goes on in a small town like
this. Perhaps it will improve or they will actually start listening to
their technical advisors. I like the show so far though! Makes you
think about "what if's".

And, I apologize if any of this has been discussed before. I went back
a few pages in this community and didn't see any of these addressed.

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