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An Intro

Now that I've posted about the TV show, I'll post my intro... :) (actually, I just read the first post here and saw the request for intros...)

Name/Username: J. Andrew "Az" Parris

Age: 38

Location: Atlanta, GA

Why are you interested in Jericho?: Interesting premise; what-if scenario; survival situations; possible government plot / coup

Any other new shows this fall you're interested in?: Heroes, Shark.

What other fandoms are you involved in?: Sci-Fi mostly. Battlestar Galactica is my current favourite.

Anything else you want to share about yourself?: I am a network engineer for a big cable internet company in Atlanta. Married, with two daughters (age 14 and 5). Am a musician (play drums and bass guitar). Love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, reading, heavy metal, history. Am a collector of old military firearms (mostly WW2). is my website.

FYI: In an earlier post, I saw someone wondering why Atlanta would be targetted in the pilot episode. Well, being a resident of this fair city of the south, I can tell you that we do indeed have two military targets that come immediately to mind. Both Dobbins Air Force Base as well as Lockheed Martin (manufactures military equipment) are located on the southern side of Marietta, which butts up right next to Atlanta. That, combined with being the HQ for CNN, BellSouth (telephone) and various other communications type companies...well, it makes sense. :)

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