July 11th, 2006


Welcome to jericho_tv! I hope this will be your "one stop shop" for all your Jericho information, discussion and media needs. Please take a few moments to read the rules on the userinfo before joining the community. Also, if anyone notices any glaring spelling or grammar errors in the userinfo, please let me know.

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Articles and Pilot Reviews

I figured a big ole linkspam would be a good way to oficially kick off this community. :) There's not a whole lot of news about the show yet since we've got over two months until the premiere, but here are links to a few mentions and other goodies.

- The Futon Critic has a synopsis (spoiler alert!) and review of the pilot here. It's mostly positive but they have some reservations. I understand their concerns and share them, but I think this show is one that will take several episodes to hit its stride (like Prison Break) so I'm willing to give it time to work out the kinks.

- There's an article here about all the Lost copycats this season and Jericho gets high marks. Here's the snippet:

Close behind is CBS' "Jericho," another thankfully linear tale, about a small Kansas town coping with a nuclear aftermath. There's nothing fancy here, just Gerald McRaney as the plain-talking mayor and Skeet Ulrich as his prodigal son, hitting town just in time for the mushroom cloud. Add the mystery behind what happened, and you've got a wide, unmannered canvas on which to sketch human behavior (and simple courage) at its most elemental.

Likable characters who bear a passing resemblance to emotional reality - wow! How inventive can TV get?

- There's also this article, which has this to say:

CBS's Jericho does a remarkable job of depicting the aftermath of a devastating nuclear attack on the U.S., and its effect on a small Kansas community that has somehow, mysteriously, remained unharmed.

- TV.com has several video clips from the pilot here. Spoilerphobes beware.

- TV Squad had this to say about the pilot:

Intriguing. This could do for small towns what Lost did for islands. After the pilot is over, you're definitely going to want to see the next episode to see what happens to these characters. Has a real, 50s small town sci-fi movie vibe to it, and the premise could keep viewers hooked. No mystery numbers, monsters or hatches, but its "this could really happen" plot could hold viewers' interest.

- There's a fansite/blog here. Seems to be mostly promo clips for now.

- And last but not least, you can watch an extended preview of the show on the CBS fall preview site here.

That's it for now! If anyone runs across any additional news, reviews, videos, etc. please post them.