July 17th, 2006

TCA Summer Press Tour Highlights

Some interesting tidbits from the TCA press tour:

CBS to air extended episodes online. Most broadcast episodes are about 42-44 minutes without commercials, so CBS' 90 minutes will probably mean about 65 minutes of true episode content. Still, an additional 20 minutes per episode? AWESOME.

Executive producer Jon Turtletaub promotes his first TV show. There are some very mild spoilers.

Would CBS wrap up a canceled serial drama? CBS entertainment president gets grilled about this at the press tour, hedges, then finally kinda sorta maybe says CBS might try to placate fans by wrapping up a canceled serial drama via digital methods. I'll believe it when I see it.

And finally, the cast and producers were at the Q&A panel and Skeet Ulrich was at the big CBS party at the Rose Bowl later that night. I've snagged some of them from WireImage and Getty and I'll post them later tonight or tomorrow, along with some other pictures I've collected.