July 25th, 2006


News round-up. I may have missed some articles because Google news doesn't allow you to filter out duplicates and I didn't feel like scrolling back 20 pages. Heh.

The 'Jericho'-Katrina Connection.

CBS will resort to the nuclear option. A not entirely positive article about whether the show might be too scary or depressing for viewers. It's a concern I also have, so I thought it was an interesting read.

For fall, CBS gets sexy new look. A funny article (from my hometown paper, no less) about the new hot, younger cast on CBS for this fall. The Jericho-related excerpt:

Skeet Ulrich in "Jericho": definitely hot. Has that whole 3o'clock shadow, open shirt, ripped jeans thing going on. Doesn't say much during the interview for his show with its "The-Day-After" scenario. Doesn't have to.


I've also got a bunch of TCA and Comic-Con pictures of the cast to post. I'll swear I'll get those up soon. :)
sga. john. look out.

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Thought I'd post a little tidbit on the show that I read in my newspaper from the middle of June. Totally forgot about it until now. It's not much, but still! It's gotten some attention, that's what counts, right?

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Oh, and guys, just to let you know, Kansas has absolutely no mountains. Not even western Kansas. Neither does Denver, Colorado, I don't think.