September 20th, 2006

Admin stuff, plus more news

It's almost here! I hope y'all are as excited about the premiere tonight as I am. \o/

Okay, here's how things are going to work, at least for a few weeks. Since the community is still pretty small, I am not going to require everyone put their episode thoughts into one official post. I will create an episode discussion post that people can use to comment in if they don't feel like making their own, but everyone is welcome to put their thoughts in their own post.

However, I will be setting the community to moderating posting for approximately 24 hours after the episode has finished airing on the east coast. This is just to make sure that nobody gets a little too excited and accidentally posts about the episode without a cut tag. I will be checking the queue regularly tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure posts get approved as quickly as possible.

And now, a smattering of some of the many, many articles and reviews that can be found online. The reviews are pretty mixed, which is unfortunate, but whaddayagonnado?

CBS gambles on series passed over by others

Jericho isn't a place you're likely to want to linger review

Watch With Kristin review

What's On Tonight

They're just one big nuclear family

'Jericho,' schizy in small-town Kansas

Tonight's TV highlights at

Terror in a small town: will 'Jericho' cast survive nuclear attack, network competition? review: An excited [sic], fast-paced show with a strong cast that leaves you wanting more after just one hour.

1.01 - Episode Discussion Post

I'm heading out to dinner so on the off chance I don't get home before 8:00, I'm starting this now. As a reminder, everyone is welcome to use this post to comment with their thoughts, reviews, criticisms and squeee, but nobody is required to do so. Feel free to put your thoughts in your own entry, but because this community is on moderated posting for the next 24 hours or so, your post won't appear on the community until I approve it.

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Just thought I'd share this with the community

In an unusual move for Australian Broadcasters Jericho premieres on Channel 10 on Thursday, September 21 at 9.30pm.

The general ratings period runs from February to July so we tend to have to wait till the new year for any new shows from the US to begin showing down under (the wait for season 2 of LOST was excruciating)

But this article came from the Adelaide Times and was about Screech Ulrich's reemergence into Hollywood,22606,20397360-5006343,00.html

so at about 6.30am US Eastern Time we will be experiencing the premier for ourselves

Happy Days.