September 22nd, 2006

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Australian Ratings

I know australian ratings dont cont when it comes to the show being produced.. but they are important to us to keep the show on the air at a normal timeslot (instead of at midnight) and they are doubly important for us at the moment as Jericho is somewhat of a trial to see how a show rates here when we see it at the same time as the US and not six months later. It's a first for us having that happen.

so.. in case anyone is interested.. the ratings for Jericho in australia last night...

Jericho ranked #4 overall and #1 in Melbourne. It was also #1 in its timeslot (8.30pm thurs).

Network 1,241,000
Sydney 282,000
Melbourne 439,000
Brisbane 200,000
Adelaide 160,000
Perth 160,000

the network it aired on, had a 21.5 percent share for the night, but that included other shows as well. 1.2 million viewers is average I think. House usually has ratings of 1.8million+, and reruns of CSI and L&O usually get about 900,000 viewers.

ratings info from:
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It's a coup!

Me: "I think maybe it's a coup. It wasn't EMP because of all the sensitive electronics that were STILL working. But to knock out seperate communications networks without something like EMP would require coordinateion to take out the seperate infrastructure and systems. We're talking TV, cellphone, landline telephone, and possibly radio. I could buy terrorists with one nuke, but not several, or even two. And an operation that big and well-timed? It would take a very well organized force. I'm thinking a splinter group acting within the US military."

Girlfriend: "Oh, that's right, I had forgotten that you were into that post apocalyptic survivalist stuff. Lately you've just seemed so normal that I'd forgotten about that. It's scary that they got Atlanta."

Me: "Well, since you live near one of the two airbases in the country who can handle JSTARS, you'd be long dead before they ever got around to hitting Atlanta if it were a real attack. And I'd hate to cross 500 miles of radioactive landscape just to find out your town was now a smoking hole in the ground."

Girlfriend: "And if I DID live, and I got to Mississippi, I would hunt you down..."

Me: "Well, yes, I'd be the last man on Earth and all that. You'd have to be careful lest you be killed in the rush. I can picture the scene now; "Sire! There's someone here who demands to be seen by you!" "Send them in, minion."

Girlfriend: "Yeah, and there'd you'd be on your throne, with half a dozen slave girls in harem outfits lounging around like Princess Leia or something."

Me: "Baaayyyybbeeeeeee..... How's it goooiiinnnnnn? Long time no see!" (big grin)

Girlfriend: "Uh-huh. I ain't buyin' it."

Me: "Well, it was nice being king of the world for a little while, at least."