September 27th, 2006

fandom talk

Pilot recap is now up!

The recap for Episode 101 - Pilot by Nova A is now up at Fandom Talk. Here's the teaser:

It’s our pilot episode! The word Jericho comes up in blocky static letters on the screen, and I really wish I could understand the Morse code that’s beeping away frantically in the background. First note to self in In Case of Nuclear Holocaust Handbook: Morse code is a useful thing to know.

I’d better get on that.

We open on a train snaking its way through a gorgeous landscape of mountains and lakes. Inside sits a young man staring pensively out the window. It’s our hero Skeet Ulrich, a.k.a. The Poor Man’s Johnny Depp, a.k.a. Jake Green of Jericho, Kansas. He’s rockin’ that classically grungy blue-collar look; a light-colored hooded sweatshirt paired with a dark jacket over the top. It’s a combo that he is destined to maintain throughout this episode and, I fear, throughout the series. Jake gets off of the train at a station with a city skyline in the background, and enters a deserted parking garage to yank a dusty tarp off of an old yet obviously well cared for muscle car. Color me not sure how this muscle car has been waiting for him all these years, undisturbed in a parking garage. Perhaps in Kansas there are lots of garages around with cool-lookin’, well preserved muscle cars just ripe for the taking. One ticket to Kansas, please! The next thing we know Jake is driving through flat farmland, on the way to his hometown of Jericho.

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1.02 - Episode Discussion Post

Hi everyone! This is the community discussion post for tonight's episode. As a reminder, everyone is welcome to use this post to comment with their thoughts, reviews, criticisms and squee, but nobody is required to do so. Feel free to put your thoughts in your own entry, but because this community is on moderated posting for the next 24 hours or so, your post won't appear on the community until I approve it.

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I'm not requiring that anyone wait until after the episode to comment in this entry, so if you don't want to be potentially spoiled for tonight's episode, I would suggest not reading any of the comments before or during the episode.

Also, do not refer to anything that happens in future episodes in this entry, unless they were shown on the previews for next week. Thanks!