September 28th, 2006

Overnight ratings info

Just a quick post before I run out to do some errands, and when I get back I'll respond to comments and go through the posts in the moderation queue.

According to Zap2It, Futon Critic and Media Week's Programming Insider, last night's episode of Jericho not only retained nearly all of its overall audience from last week, giving it a respectable second place finish after Dancing With The Stars, it actually improved on the 18-49 demographic from last week.

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Theoretical/nuke Discussion

Hey folks,

I come with a dose of cold war paranoia upbringing and knowledge.. I've already made a few posts to my LJ which I guess I will sort of go into here..

that being said, I'm interested in many things including a theoretical discussion of the issues surrounding the bombing.. so I'm making this post to encourage such a thing. This discussion/post should use information spanning multiple episodes which is why I'm not just joining a specific episode thread about this.

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shari upset

Experiencing the show 'vicariously'?

Hi all, from Shari in Cali! :)

Whenever I watch a TV show (Jericho or Ghost Whisperer, for example) or a movie (i.e. Braveheart, Blair Witch Project) that I find suspenseful, moving and/or engaging, I find that I experience intense vicarious emotions. As I watched Jericho last night, I realized that I was sitting in a tense/odd position, my body was shaking like a leaf (during much of it), and tears filled my eyes (during some of it).

I've been this way all my life, but I sometimes wonder how many other folks get so "into" a TV show or movie that they experience such "real" physical reactions to it? Not that I'm complaining; I think I actually enjoy programs better this way, because I feel more a part of them. Of course, it can also be somewhat draining afterwards. *chuckle*