September 29th, 2006

[<3] farewell. my lovely.

fingers crossed.

i'm hoping Jericho doesn't take a hard knocking next week in viewer numbers when LOST starts back up. i could possibly be wrong about this. but i think i saw that they both come on at the same time...

is there anyone out there awesome enough to prove me wrong?

or let me know what they think about this dilemma?
[random] geeky girl

Australian Ratings - Ep 1.02

Sadly, the ratings in australia were down (from 1.2 mill) for the second episode of Jericho. Which is a shame because I thought it was -better- than the first one. But anyways.. lets hope this doesnt mean a timeslot change eh?

It rated #11 overall for the night.

Network Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
947,000 246,000 287,000 177,000 122,000 115,000