September 30th, 2006

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Jericho - thoughts and such

Jericho First week ep.
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Well, if they are going to run the pilot again on saturday, then I may very well be watching that.

I was pretty much glued to the tv while it was on.

I don't think that it was a nuclear attack. If it was Denver only, then there are military bases in Kansas and Missouri that may have very well been seen as well if the town of Jericho is in the middle of Kansas. Re: The Day After.

It could be, as the mayor said, an accident. Not likely. Those babies have more safeties than all of the NFL teams put together.

There may be the possibility that it was a Terror attack on the US, ala True Lies. Where Arnold failed in his ability to stop the trucks from leaving the Florida Keys. But the group did not explode the one warhead, and there may be three more explosions that could occur here.

I mean, if you look at the end of Terminator 3, those clouds are coming off everywhere.

Now, one thing that I would take issue with, is the fact that we have to wait a week for nuclear fallout/nuclear rain to fall on the town of Jericho, which may be within a 700 mile radius, when thunderstorms can cross a state in less then a day. Re: Wargames, and a few other movies that dealt with Nuclear Fallout.

I will wait to post a few other things, but one relavent item, when put up against The Sum of All Fears, makes you wonder what was happening in that town.

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I'm watching on Innertube right now. A CBS thing.

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More thoughts later.

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map of Jericho

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I think that I have a very strong love/hate relationship with this tv show and most things nuclear. Why can't it be all like what what's his name who wrote the three laws of robotics be like. Little cigarette sized packs giving people near magical powers through the use of advanced technology.

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Damn where is that kid

Jericho - thoughts and such


I haven't even gotten into the theories about why the nuclear attacks have even happened.

There are some things that I've been thinking about.

1: This could be a military attack. But this would have to have been done by a state with crack special operations forces with the proper nuclear devices to stage such an attack.

There would be some problems with this.
    a1: The introduction of the nuclear weapon into the United States by a foriegn country. Could be done through diplomatic couriers. I mean, if we have anything to go by in the media, several movies has shown that our state department would very well sell the US population out in order to facilitate global terms.
      -Lethal Weapon: The use of diplomatic curiers and diplomatic immunity to break laws, murder people and usurp the laws of the United States of America for Gold.

      -True Lies: The smuggling of four Soviet nuclear MIRV warheads into the US via the Florida Keys.

      -Red Dawn: The attempted take over of the American Heartland by Communist troops. No nuclear weapons were used on American soil, but the ability of foriegn powers to quickly invade the US has been demonstrated.

      -The Sum of All Fears: An Israeli Nuclear Bomb was discovered undetonated and given to radical extremists. The book alluded these factions to be Radical Muslims, while the movie has alluded the factions to be NAZI in origin. However, the old weapon had been upgraded and smuggled into the US via a vending machine and sent to a football stadium.

    a2: We also have several incidences in the Main Stream Media that have shown that US security is lacking and needs to be brought up to speed faster than what is already being done. I don't think that I need to re-iterate on any of these, but I will anyway:
      -The use of drug smuggling tunnels in under the US/Mexico border to facilitate drug lords has also been rumored to have been used for human smuggling and possibly giving a pathway for terrorists to enter the country.

      -The smuggling of radioactive materials through ports by I believe ABC in order to demonstrate either how easy it could be, or how much Americans need to upgrade their port security. (note x-ray badges given to dock workers and track their working areas via barcodes)

      -Does any sort of organized crime need to be mentioned?

    Any kind of infiltration could have occured by the above means, or by a rogue US element. Need I remind about Tim McVey? Or the movie The Rock?

    However, this part is to deal with the possibility that a military force had invaded the US before a nuclear attack had been staged. Individuals of the special forces teams for the invading army could have driven to Denver, under the guise of Diplomatic Immunity/Courier and either planted, delivered, or set off the device.

    As the TV show Jericho had suggested, there are military targets in Denver. But another clue is about the girl who was driving to the Wichita Airport to pick someone up. She had encountered dead animals in the road, and these were birds. There are other military targets on the way from the corresponding geographic location of the fictional Jericho to the real location of Wichita. What the show does not tell us, if any other locations in the state of Kansas had been attacked as well.


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    2: This could be a terrorist attack. But then again, there are multiple sites that have been hit. It has been shown that sleeper cells could very well be able to penetrate defences and attack some targets.

    at another time, it's past my bedtime peeps. thanks.
Damn where is that kid

Jericho - thoughts and such - spoilers

Jericho Second week ep(s).

Warning, spoiler information is contained within.

If you have not watched this show on CBS on 9/27/06, or on Innertube, or on DVD and intend to, please go no further. Also cross posted on gas buddy dot com. Forum Link.

Thank you.


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Other Survivors and Satellite Television

I can't find the link anymore to the web-only episodes. Anybody know anything about the schedule that they'll be using?

Also, from the official web page, in next week's ep, the satellite TV in the bar shows an asian television broadcast showing the extent of the damage here in the US. That tells me that we must be the only ones who were hit, rather than a general worldwide war. Sounds like it's business as usual for the rest of the world. (Well, I'm sure they're all going to be pretty nervous, I mean, look what happened the last couple of times we got attacked).

So, I'm still thinking terrorists/coup/insurrection in that order of likelyhood.

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What Robert Hawkins Heard.

I want mega credit for this. :) Neither Media Player Classic nor Windows Media Player would slow down the file, so I had to rig my speaker into my microphone and use Sound Recorder, step the volume way up, and slow the speed way down. What I came up with was this.


Now, I have no idea what that means, but that's what he heard.

::EDIT:: CRAP! Well, I should have known I wouldn't be the first to translate it. :) I was trying to figure out what Code Delta might mean in relation to 2 minute warning, so I plugged them both into Google... and I found where other people had already translated it themselves. Ah, well.

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