October 3rd, 2006

fandom talk

Episode 102 Recap

The recap for Episode 102 - Fallout is now up at Fandom Talk1 Here's the teaser:

"It’s the proverbial morning after. Emily walks down a country road, apparently oblivious to the unnaturally shaped cloud on the horizon. From her hand swings the world’s eensy-weensiest gas can. I find myself perplexed as to how she ran out of gas. The last time we saw her she was on her way to Wichita to pick up her fiance. Was she simply not paying attention to her fuel gauge? Perhaps she was so distracted by all of the dead birds littering the road that she forgot to fill her tank. We may never know. At any rate, the midget-sized can looks like it holds about a single gallon of gas. Yeah, so that’ll do wonders when she gets back to her bigass SUV. She’ll drive 3 miles before having to set out on foot again.

In the meantime, Jake Green literally hops up a water tower ladder above Jericho’s health clinic, grunting with the effort because of his injured leg. As he climbs, the wind picks up in Jericho. Armed townsfolk stroll past City Hall and the camera zooms in on Robert Hawkins, who squints into the distance. Ray (who is running for mayor against Johnston Green and is thankfully no longer wearing last episode’s gawdawful tie) approaches, asking if there’s any sign of the sheriff. Hawkins says that there hasn’t been any word, but that he needs to speak to the mayor. Trouble’s a-brewin.’ Once he gets to the top of the water tower, Jake looks out at the horizon and gets a look that very distinctively says “oh shit.” The nuclear cloud from Denver is moving toward Jericho, fingers of it stretched out ahead as if reaching for the town. I rub my hands together with glee. Bring on the drama, baby!"

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