October 7th, 2006

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An Intro

Now that I've posted about the TV show, I'll post my intro... :) (actually, I just read the first post here and saw the request for intros...)

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FYI: In an earlier post, I saw someone wondering why Atlanta would be targetted in the pilot episode. Well, being a resident of this fair city of the south, I can tell you that we do indeed have two military targets that come immediately to mind. Both Dobbins Air Force Base as well as Lockheed Martin (manufactures military equipment) are located on the southern side of Marietta, which butts up right next to Atlanta. That, combined with being the HQ for CNN, BellSouth (telephone) and various other communications type companies...well, it makes sense. :)

Ale & Whores 2
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Thoughts on Jericho

Greetings from a newbie to this community! I hope you don't mind if I
just dive right in with some of my thoughts on the show.

So far, we've had 3 episodes aired which have taken place over a time
of about 2 days within the show.

The townspeople and leaders of Jericho know that Denver (or near it)
was nuked with something that caused a mushroom cloud. They suspect (via
various means) that multiple cities in the US were also nuked. They
also know that there is a prisoner bus not far outside of town, but have
no idea HOW many prisoners were on said bus. They now also know that
there is at least one 757's worth of passengers and crew wandering
around somewhere; possibly more.

So, they pretty much know that the SHTF (stuff hit the fan), but still
all seem to be in a state of denial. Seems to me they are all sitting
around just waiting on the Federal Government to sweep in and take care
of them (IE - FEMA), instead of taking ANY precautions for survival

The only one with a sembelance of a clue is Mr. Hawkins, the very savvy
black guy who claims to be a former cop. And they are pointedly
ignoring his attempts to help.

Here are some questions I have, in no particular order:
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