October 10th, 2006

fandom talk

Episode 103 Recap - Four Horseman

The recap for episode 103, Four Horsemen, is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

We open on a man putting on a yellow radiation suit. He carefully seals the suit, which has elastic-banded pants, heavy boots, a hood, gloves, a gas mask, the whole works. It’s Robert Hawkins, and where the heck did he get this thing? I’m gonna guess that he didn’t head on down to the Radiation Suit section of the local Wal-Mart. Unless the Wal-Marts are just very different in Kansas. At any rate, the fact that he had this suit ready and waiting is yet more proof that Robert Hawkins is way too in the know about what’s going on. A message comes up on the screen: 18 hours after the bombs. That’s bombs, plural, my friends. It’s pouring possibly-toxic rain outside as Hawkins saddles up in a uhaul and drives up to a storage unit, where he unloads a hand truck. Everybody else in Jericho is safely holed up in fallout shelters, but nonetheless, Hawkins glances around shadily as he shuts the door behind him. I spend a good few minutes wondering what he’s got stashed in the unit. Since Hawkins is really freaking me out at this point, my best guess is bodies. Lots and lots of bodies.

In the Richmond storm cellar, Jake, Bonnie, Emily and the two Underpants Deputies are waiting out the storm. Emily has made like a mute mime at a monastery and stopped talking altogether. Deputy Underpants #1 sympathizes; even though hottie!not!cop was a baddie, Emily did shoot him to death. Bonnie’s worried about her brother Stanley, who hasn’t returned from an errand and doesn’t know about the threat of radiation. Jake tries to reassure her, but with mixed results, as I note that her back is turned for part of the time that he’s talking. In the meantime, Deputy Underpants #2 gets Jake’s brother Eric on the walkie-talkie. They discuss their plan for digging out the folks who have taken shelter in the salt mine. Jake’s worried that when he blew the entrance he may have disabled the ventilator. Nobody has had radio contact with anyone there since.

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