October 17th, 2006

Damn where is that kid


Okay, so I've been gone for over a week. I'm sure that some are happy about that, some were, some aren't. I don't know about my electronic brethern.

I have watched the 10/11/2006 show twice. Not counting all the times I had the DVR at my mom's house rewinding the show. If it were video tape, I'd need a new tape, new machine, or both.

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now for something else

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Okay, that's it until I either watch 1.04 again, or sit down and watch them 1.01 - 1.04 and then 1.05 a few times.

Be safe, stock up on water, staples and office chairs.
fandom talk

Jericho Recap - Episode 104 - Walls of Jericho

The recap for episode 104, "Walls of Jericho," is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

A message comes up on the screen – it’s four days after the bombs, and one day after the fallout has cleared. Question: does nuclear fallout really clear this quickly? Not for the first time, I ruefully contemplate the fact that in high school physics I should have spent less time launching pencils into the ceiling tiles and more time paying attention to elemental half-lives. As I strain to recall class discussions about Chernobyl, the screen dissolves to a blurry and wobbly image of a crowd of people running helter-skelter down a street. Clouds of dust billow in the background. This cuts abruptly to a shot of a lone pickup truck parked on what seems to be a bridge, fire raging behind it. A third image comes up, this time of a group of people wearing backpacks, also running away from something. The video looks… well, it looks like footage from 9/11, because it’s clear that it was shot in a city. Eerily, there is no sound to accompany the picture. “I’m telling you, it’s the midwest,” insists the voice of Eric Green. From the skyline, he believes it’s Cincinnati.

We’re in Bailey’s, Jericho’s local tavern. It seems that nothing takes the edge off of a nuclear disaster quite like a good old fashioned beer bong, ‘cuz everybody and their uncle is here, including Jake, Heather, and Robert Hawkins. Grimly, Mary goes to the map of the United States that they’ve tacked onto the wall and writes a question mark over Cincinnati. Stanley and Bonnie enter, and Jake looks exhausted as they talk about the fact that Shep and Gray should have been back from their recon missions by now. I also notice that while everyone else is really knocking back that liquor, Jake pushes away the bottle of beer that Mary gives him. Hmmm. So apparently Jake is holding out for the fuzzy navel wine coolers might be on his way to an AA meeting. Stanley stares, transfixed, at the three images that continue to rotate continuously on the bar’s screens. He wonders what happened to whoever shot the footage, and Robert Hawkins skulks up behind them and drawls, “I think that may have been the last thing they ever saw.”

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