October 24th, 2006

Fort Meyers
  • tl731sp

Anyone know morse code?

I may be grasping here, but I am wondering
if anyone who knows Morse Code can de-code
the beeps and blips that come on when there
are commercial breaks.

It may just say "Jericho" as it's accompanied
by a graphic of the show, but who knows...
maybe it says "This is just a test"
or "It was North Korea".

Any help would be appreciated.
fandom talk

Federal Response recap

The recap for episode 105, "Federal Response," is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

Hello, and welcome to the newer, slimmer version of the Jericho recap. Now with 20% less fat than a normal recap!

A new day dawns pristine in Jericho. We’re at Bailey’s bar, and Jake and some of the other young, attractive cast members have been playing strip poker cards all night. They get to talking about why Jake left Jericho, and the tax auditor, whose name is finally revealed to be Mimi, theorizes that he was prom king, class president, and voted most likely to succeed. Everyone chuckles patronizingly, implying that Jake was a loser. In fact, he beat up the prom king. That doesn’t make you a loser in my book, Jake. In fact, my respect for you just went up several notches. In spite of what I may think, Jake looks ashamed and sort of frustrated as everyone talks about him. Even though he’s changed, it’s clear that these people will never be able to forget who he was. You can’t escape your past in your home town.

Eric comes in for coffee, and by coffee I of course mean another glaringly apparent flirt session with Mary. He’s got madd planz to break things off with his wife tonight. Mimi observes Eric and Mary holding hands and comments to Jake, “Secrets of a small town.” And then, all of a sudden, the power flickers on! And… the payphone on the wall rings! In fact, after a week of being completely cut off from the outside world, phones are ringing all over Jericho. When the townsfolk answer, the same prerecorded message blares out from every phone. It’s the Department of Homeland Security, instructing that if they’re in a safe place, they should stay put. They’ll be contacted soon with further information. The message repeats, and an Emergency Alert standby message flashes up on the bar’s TV screens.

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