October 31st, 2006

fandom talk

Jericho Recap - Episode 106 - 9:02

The recap for episode 106, "9:02," is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

Jericho’s townsfolk run outside to stare bug-eyed at two huge warheads roaring away through the night sky. From their trajectory, they seem to be American missiles headed from silos in Wyoming out to unknown targets. This is it, then. America’s at war. Various characters speculate that the Federal Government is retaliating against whoever nuked the U.S., but others think they may just be targeting one of the “usual suspects.”

In the meantime, Hawkins scuttles off down to his Evil Basement Lair. He logs onto his laptop and types, “What is the target? Ours or theirs?” At some point, I would really love to discover who else is logged into this particular chat room. Whoever it is, a discouraging response pops up: “I’m compromised.” Hawkins orders Allison to bring the rest of the family to the basement. Suddenly a weird flash goes off in the sky and the electricity shuts off, plunging the town into darkness. Both Hawkins and Jake determine that an EMP – an à la Dark Angel Electromagnetic Pulse – has just instantaneously fried anything with wiring or a circuit board. “Is help on its way or not?” asks Eric. “I don’t think so,” Johnston replies grimly.

It’s two weeks later, and I am amazed to discover that the mood of this show is abruptly different. Everything, including the town’s atmosphere, has changed. Suddenly Jericho feels vulnerable and fearful, and it’s very real that these people are alone, unprotected and close to chaos. You go, Jericho producers. I don’t know how you did it, but you actually sent a little shiver down my spine.

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