November 22nd, 2006

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Jericho Recap - Episode 109 - Crossroads

Once again, this recap went up yesterday morning but I couldn't get to the community to post about it until now. Sorry! Anyway, the recap for "Crossroads" is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

We open on a bleeping alarm clock. A hand reaches out to smack it, symbolictacularly knocking over a framed photo of a happy couple in the process. The hand belongs to none other than Emily. “Rise and shine,” says a male voice. It’s Roger, Emily’s much-spoken-of fiancé, and this is the first time we’ve gotten a look at him. I decide he’s cute in a banal kind of way, even though he does have a gnarly chin butt. This has got to be a flashback, ‘cuz there’s no electricity for alarm clocks at the moment, and plus Roger is still MIA. If he’s gonna be on this show, he also seriously needs some kind of a nickname, because his name is just toooo stodgy. Rog? ‘Ger? Oge? This dude doesn’t lend himself well to nicknames. How extraordinarily boring.

Em and Rog banter cutely as he gets dressed. Emily wonders if his parents will ever get used to “a small-town girl stealing away their big city boy.” Oge says that sure they will, as soon as he and Emily move out of Jericho. Emily’s all “Ha ha but yeah seriously we’re not moving.” “Sure that’s what you want?” Roger says. “What?” Emily replies. “Sure, that’s what you want,” he repeats, and this time the intonation makes it sound like the end of that sentence would be “…but hell if it’s what we’re gonna do!” Emily looks confused, and ‘Ger walks past her and suddenly disappears. She frantically calls his name before sitting straight up in bed. She’s alone in her dark room, and Roger was just a handsome, chinbutty dream.

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Episode 1.10 Discussion Post

Hi everyone! This is the community discussion post for tonight's episode. As a reminder, everyone should use this post to comment with their thoughts, reviews, criticisms and squee.

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I'm not requiring that anyone wait until after the episode to comment in this entry, so if you don't want to be potentially spoiled for tonight's episode, I would suggest not reading any of the comments before or during the episode.

Also, do not refer to anything that happens in future episodes in this entry, unless they were shown on the previews for next week. Thanks!