November 28th, 2006

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Jericho Recap - Episode 110 - Red Flag

The recap for "Red Flag" is now up at Fandom Talk! Here's the teaser:

As we open, Jake, Stanley, and a couple of extra types run through the countryside, carrying guns and staying low. They crouch behind a fallen tree limb for cover and aim at something in the distance. Jake peers through binoculars, then gives Stanley some nifty silent hand signals. What do the signals mean? Well, from my interpretation, they may or may not say, “Do you see those four hot chicks over there? Let’s totally hit that shit up.” For some reason Stan’s not into it, so Jake turns to Random Extra Guy #1, who nods. Turns out this isn’t about chicks but it is about birds, because the guy pulls his shotgun trigger and a turkey flaps away, gobbling in an annoyed fashion. “Dang!” Says Random Extra. Jake sighs that they should get back on patrol.

Jake is discouraged; if their cobbled-together militia can’t even shoot a hapless turkey, how will they fare when the target is shooting back? Meanwhile, Hawkins lets Darcy know that he declined to go on the turkey shoot. As I consider the fact that Hawkins’ madd sniper skillz would really have come in handy, Darcy says that there’s not a lot of food to go around on Thanksgiving, but they’ll make do. Hawkins asks his kids if they’ll miss having a turkey, and Allison sasses that she’s a vegetarian, kthx. Little Sam is just glad his dad will be there: apparently Hawkins usually misses Thanksgiving because he’s burying the tiny chopped up pieces of the people who crossed him of business trips.

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