December 30th, 2006

Groovy II

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Hello, all

I'm pretty new for Jericho as I used to be busy on Wednesday nights. I only caught "Fallout" on my friends' Tivo until this week, when I looked up the show to see if it would be on repeats and found out that you can watch all the shows online. Delighted, I've already watched them all. Post apocaliptic fiction is my bag, baby, and since I am a librarian I decided to start up a reading list on the subject. I thought I would repost it here as to help in the long two months until the season starts again. Please feel free to add more suggestions!

I'll probably post some observations/theories about the show later, but until then, Happy New Year.

Zap2It's Underrated of 2006

Lennie James is #11 on Zap2It's list of underrated in 2006. Here's what they say:

You know him as: Mysterious and potentially sketchy newcomer Rod Hawkins

Why we like him: The CBS promo department may think that "Jericho" is Skeet Ulrich's show, but the only character we want to see more of is Hawkins, thanks to James' ability to seem benign and threatening to both strangers and his family. Once we find out where Hawkins has been and who he works for, we can watch something else on Wednesday night.

Where else you've seen him: The British actor's long list of feature credits includes "Snatch," "24 Hour Party People" and a memorable turn in "Sahara"

ETA: And Shoshannah Stern is #22. Here's her blurb:

You know her as: Resourceful apocalypse-survivor Bonnie

Why we like her: It's not just that she would top our list of our favorite beautiful, deaf, Jewish actresses, nor that she survived the debacle that was "Threat Matrix." No, Stern has a mixture of sass and vulnerability that she can use for comedy or drama without saying a word.

Where else you've seen her: She was sexy and funny on "Weeds" and guested on episodes of "The Division," "E.R.," "Boston Public" and "Providence."