January 10th, 2007

Jericho Web Media

This community has been - slow since the finale - so i thought i would remind people of the CBS site full of goodies. I think innertube is wonderfull and complements the show very good. Hopefully these links work. I do not think I have missed anything. Has anyone seen any other good things floating around that I might have missed?

Can't wait till I get home from work today!

Today 01.10.07 6pm pst - the website promises to give us new stuff.

  • Who is this woman? We captured another webcam discussion, this time involving the “person of interest” seen near Jericho. You’ll get the first few answers from this very mysterious woman.

  • Insiders’ Commentary: Lennie James and Executive Producer Carol Barbee comment on the action and discuss the filming of episode 10, “Red Flag.”

  • Countdown returns: Find out more about what happened before the bombs exploded with a new episode of Countdown.

This is a commericial for the next Episode. Shows spoilers for the unidentified lady and makes me want to watch more!

Catch 3 Sneak Peaks for the Spring Season - including info on Jakes Past, Hawkins Past, and info about an episode involving Black Jack (a new area for Jericho to explore). There is also a music video in this link.

There is a feature called "Ask Hawkins" where people can listen to Hawkins answer tons of questions. 1-8 and 11-14 of the 27 are open for me.

An unidentified woman has been operating outside the environs of Jericho. She seems to play a part in helping identify Hawkins in one of the previews for next season. Who is she?

These are older - but if you really need a fix - be sure to watch these!

Insiders commentary - there are 3 episodes there with the producers commenting on all the scenes and maybe getting a few spoilers for future episodes. It was interesting watching.

There are several Countdown Episodes now 6-11 are able to be seen (1-5 have never been released).

Mystery Women

We all know Hawkins History -

"New in town, Robert Hawkins is accomplished at everything from politics to mechanics to survival. Hawkins says he used to be a cop in St. Louis, that the woman he lives with is his wife of 12 years and that they moved to Jericho because he wanted a quiet life. These are all lies. Is Hawkins good? Is he bad? What does he want? We won't know for a long time."

But who is this mystery women? Collapse )