March 6th, 2007


NEWS:'We're Not 'Lost,'' Say Other Genre Show Producers (Light Spoilers)

'We're Not 'Lost,'' Say Other Genre Show Producers
Answers are coming, indicate 'Heroes' and 'Jericho' execs

For example, here's what Stephen Chbosky, the executive producer of the CBS series "Jericho," said at the recent WonderCon.

"One thing we knew from the beginning is we didn't want to frustrate the audience by not paying off mysteries, by not answering questions, because we know," he said.

It was apparently pretty clear to everyone there just what program he was referring to.

In fact, fellow executive producer Carol Barbee listed specific episodes when fans would learn important facts about who did what to whom, such as the missiles that the town's residents saw hurtling into the sky a while back.

"You find out certain things in 18. You also hear a little something in 15, which is the one after this. We haven't forgotten them," she said. "They're out there."

Barbee also promised that the origins of the nuclear conflict that started at the beginning of the show also aren't far away.

"I think you'll be surprised by who did it," she said. We didn't want to do the same-old, same-old. It's a many-faceted group that is involved. "