April 6th, 2007

Kristin at E!'s Save One Show Campaign

Normally, I wouldn't get involved in this kind of inter-fandom squabbling but since the Veronica Mars fans 1) think they need to resort to these tactics and 2) they put the instructions on a public website, I'm just going to jump into the fray.

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So, that's it. Voting closes tonight at 11:59 pm PST (that's 2:59 am EST) is now closed. Obviously, nobody's obligated to do this. Hell, I'm not even going to. I don't think Jericho has a chance in winning the poll even with bot voting. I just think it's ridiculous and hilarious that the VM fans are insisting that nobody post their cheating instructions to other fandoms so I felt it necessary to stick my tongue out and blatantly ignore their ZOMG DUN COPY!!!111 demands. =D