April 11th, 2007


Skeet Ulrich speaks to Philadelphia

Ulrich did a phone interview on the "Preston and Steve" show around 8:30 AM this morning. The P&S show is currently the top-rated morning radio show in the Philadelphia market, and also has a national audience through livestream on the Internet and a popular podcast available through iTunes.

One of the hosts, Steve, is a major fan of the show, and was encouraging everyone to start watching. Ulrich also pointed out that tonight's episode should be a great window of opportunity for first-time viewers to check it out. Considering the effect this radio program has had on other television shows (they do an insanely popular Lost recap discussion every Thursday morning, for example), I'm hoping Jericho gets a bump in the Philly area :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Episode 1.18 Discussion Post

This is the community discussion post for tonight's episode. As a reminder, everyone should use this post to comment with their thoughts, reviews, criticisms, speculation and squee.

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I'm not requiring that anyone wait until after the episode to comment in this entry, so if you don't want to be potentially spoiled for tonight's episode, I would suggest not reading any of the comments before or during the episode.

Also, do not refer to anything that happens in future episodes in this entry, unless they were shown on the previews. Thanks!