May 15th, 2007

MISC // Find Your Stage Door

For those of you that want closure...

Shaun OMac, who does a weekly radio show, will be having another Jericho show tomorrow night. If the news is good, it'll be a celebratory show. If the news is bad, he's trying to give everyone some closure and hopes that at some point, he'll be able to get Carol Barbee on the show again. He invited her tomorrow but she said, 

"I so appreciate the offer and I would like to speak to
or write to the fans, but it's a little too fresh
right now.  I don't trust what I might say and I would
rather come up with a measured response.  We're
talking here about how to get info to the fans about
what would have happened on Jericho Season 2 and
beyond, and solving the mysteries of the show.  But I
have to inform CBS and Paramount before I do it.

Please tell your listeners how much their support has
meant to me personally, as well as to the show.  I
won't leave them hanging for long.


It airs on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow at 5pmPT if any of you guys want to tune in (or call in).