May 18th, 2007

Save Jericho Campaign - NEW ADMIN ANNOUNCEMENT

I've been talking with some of y'all in e-mail and listening to ideas so here's what I'm going to do:

Instead of banning any talk about campaigns to save the show, I'm going to allow y'all to use this entry to post links and addresses, discuss plans, and announce news about anything involving saving Jericho on CBS or bringing it to another network. This will be the ONLY "save Jericho" post allowed. Any others sent to the queue will be rejected, with the instructions that the contents should be posted as a comment to this entry.

Because LJ doesn't allow entries to communities to be dated out of order, I can't keep this at the top of the main community page. So, I've given it its own special tag - save jericho. If this scrolls off the community index, use the tags list at the top to find the entry again. I will keep this entry open through the summer. By then, if there is no strong indication that CBS will reverse its decision or another network will pick up the show, this entry will be unpinned and any further posting about trying to revive the show will be banned from the community for good.

I hope this compromise is acceptable to both those who are ready to let go and those who want to keep fighting. Also, both sides are welcome to debate their respective viewpoints in this entry but please remember to keep it civil. Thank you.

ETA: As kindly posted by hellokimberly, savejericho is a community designed specifically to help save the show. Anyone dedicated to the cause should check it out. I've also added the links to the petition,, and to the links list at the top of the community index page.