June 7th, 2007


Some ways to help!

This showed up on the Jericho CBS message boards recently:
For those of you who watch Jericho online, this may be a way to get counted. https://www.nielsennetpanel.com/pnl/us/p21.p1?p_session_id=4889473070607025601.

You have to install software that will watch what you do on the internet, so if you are doing anything you don't want "big brother" to know about, this is probably not for you. But they would be able to count your Jericho viewing (and any other shows you watch online).

If that isn't your cup of tea, there was another thread started (thanks to gothcat1969 for pointing that out!) that we should contact Oprah about this endeavor with Jericho and get the cast on the show in coming weeks. It's a great human interest story and Oprah loves her human interest stories.

You can email her at Oprah.com and see if she'll take this into consideration.