June 8th, 2007


bumper stickers!

Sorry if you've seen this already:

Over at the Jericho Message board is a post with bumper stickers! [Source]

The first is a MSWord document. It's recommended that you use the Office Depot sticker sheets: #922-811. If your printer cartridges are low, you may want to fill them up if you plan on printing a few.


Using the same template more were made:


Have fun! :D
[name] kimmie - hearts and stars

Radio Tour Friday - MP3's

I managed to record the interviews for three of the stations that Lennie (Hawkins) and Jeff (fan and collector of money for ad campaigns) hit this morning. They were doing interviews over the phone with various stations across the US.

The files are in MP3 format. I caught the WEGR interview in the middle but there's still Jeff and Lennie goodness! =)

9:20 MEMPHIS WEGR TIM & BAD DOG (right-click save as)

9:30 KANSAS CITY KQRC JOHNNY & CARRIE (right-click save as)

9:40 WAUSAU, WI. WIFC DAVE & STACEY (right-click save as)

Please do not hotlink these files! They are on my personal server. Thank you.

Sorry for the cross-posting but I figured some of you guys might be interested in what Lennie aka Hawkins has to say. ;o)