June 19th, 2007



Yesterday, IGN published an article where they talked to Jon Turteltaub, Jericho's Executive producer. He mostly said what we've all been hearing about how the fans brought the show back, but he struck gold with this:

"On a basic level, we got to kind of give the world's biggest 'neener neener neener.' Which is: you get cancelled, you mope around and then someone calls you a month later and says, 'Okay, you can come back.' And we go, 'Yay, we win.'"


ALSO! In case you guys didn't know yet - Jericho is going to Comic Con in San Diego! There's probably going to be an hour-long panel on Sunday, July 29th. Find out more about it here.

By the way, does anyone mind that I've been posting a lot of newsy stuff around here? If you do, I can stop :D I'll keep on truckin' then!

Podcast & Youtube Promo

Well folks, I'm happy to say that we've got ourselves a fan podcast! Head over to this site, ignore all the vampire stuff and look at the first two updates at the top of the page!

Also, the ever-amazing rubberpoultry over at the CBS messageboards has put together a new fan promo at Youtube. Click on the link or check it out Collapse )

Any other news I find out today will be added to this post, to save your friends list :D

EDIT: In case you guys haven't seen it yet, CBS has already made an official promo for the reruns starting July 6th, and they give the fans a LOT of credit. Again, you can check it out at the link or Collapse )