June 20th, 2007

Jericho - Still Gets Easily Over Excited

Jericho DVD News

I got this over at ONTD.
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A few weeks ago, fans of Jericho were able to breathe a sigh of relief when a "nutty" campaign to CBS convinced them to renew the show, and produce a second season for broadcast.

This morning, though, the studio officially posted the release for solicitation to retailers, so the stores can begin to make plans to stock it on their shelves. The listing showed a new date, however, that was a week later than we were previously told: OCTOBER 2ND. Other info mentioned a running time of just over 16 hours, which sounds about right for 22 episodes.

There's also this description, followed by the never-before-seen box art, featuring the nuclear blast in the distance:

JERICHO is a drama about what happens when a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, plunging the residents of a small, peaceful Kansas town into chaos, leaving them completely isolated and wondering if they're the only Americans left alive. But in this time of crisis, as sensible people become paranoid, personal agendas take over and well-kept secrets threaten to be revealed, some people will find an inner strength they never knew they had and the most unlikely heroes will emerge.

*Note: We have heard there is a documentary that will be on this DVD that is not mentioned here.

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