June 21st, 2007


June 21st News

Due to the popularity of the flyer contest and to stir up more talk about the show (THE RERUNS ARE ON IN 15 DAYS!), Radio Free Jericho has begun a Youtube video challenge! This time around, there are specific categories, and all entries are due June 25th at 9PM EST. Check out the details HERE.

Alicia Coppola, the actress who plays Mimi Clark, has posted on the CBS messageboards, thanking us for saving the show. You can check it out at savejericho HERE.

You know those signs you see at street corners advertising a Congressman or a piece of legislation that's going to be voted on? Now you can now order similar street signs advertising the show's return for a discounted price! Check out the details HERE.

And, for fun, go vote for Jericho over at the TV Gal awards! The show has been nominated in:
  • You Can Say That Again (Best Quote) - "Nuts." Jake on "Jericho"
  • If Only Amy Would Talk More About This Show (Best Show TV Gal Never Talks About) - "Jericho"

Go HERE and scroll down the page a bit to find a link to the poll.

Don't forget to enjoy your Thursdays :D