June 27th, 2007

Why We Fight

Wow. I sat myself down at my computer to watch the last episode available online as of right now. It was like a roller coaster of emotions. I'm placing the rest of my post behind a cut since it contains spoilers for those of you who haven't seen the last episode.

Also, I don't know if it would help but I would like to donate unlimited server space and bandwidth to any effort designed to help get the word of Jericho out.

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Nuts donation, Stephen King, Jerichocon, & ep discussions

For all of our Nuts Campaigners: We have video showing our nuts getting packed up for shipment to US troops overseas!

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Also, Stephen King mentions Jericho in his column:
"Pop dope, baby. It gets into your brain and just simmers... More Jericho episodes, for instance."


And for our newcomers, or those who just didn't know, there's a Jericho Convention scheduled for September 14-16 in Oakley, Kansas. According to Carol Barbee (show creator and executive producer), the town of Jericho was based off of Oakley's demographics and location. You can find out more about the convention here.

Final note: I've decided to run only one episode discussion post per episode that will be spoiler-free. If you want to discuss spoilers, just make a new post to the community and use an lj-cut!

Jericho Campaign Update (from jericholives.com)

Here's some stuff that's been going on to try to promote the show. Most of these have been planned out fully, so they're just looking for people to participate.

2-Wheeling for Cancer Survival and Jericho (Hawksdomain, Starry_Nite)
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San Diego Comic-Con
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History Starts Now Song Dedication Campaign (Darkcrystal)
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schumi over at the CBS boards also had this to say: Collapse )

Finally, there's a new take on the N.U.T.S. cry, courtesy of the folks on the IMDB board:

Never Underestimate Team Strength!
- Jericho Rangers, 2007

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