June 30th, 2007


National Flyer Day!


Here's a challenge for every Jericho Fan ----

Saturday 06/30 - National Flyer Day! Leave with 100 Flyers... do not come home empty handed. Post anywhere and everywhere you can! Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Libraries, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, (basically any place that has a bulletin board or will let you tape up) Lots of little stores are owned by private owners and they won't mind!

Cost: 100 b/w copies off your personal printer and scotch tape (one roll at $2?) Oh, and your time! You would be surprised how fast you will get rid of 100 flyers!

You can find some great flyers HERE at RadioFreeJericho (if you're registered on that site and want to download the .pdf and .doc files of the flyers, click HERE)

Have fun out there, guys! I'm printing off some of these flyers right now :D

CBS Electronic Press Kit!

CBS has finally created an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the show!
From the press release:

"Rebroadcasts of episodes from the first season of JERICHO will air on CBS beginning Friday, July 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) with the pilot episode. On July 13, CBS will present back-to-back broadcasts beginning with "Return to Jericho" (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), which recapped the first 11 episodes, followed by episode 13, “Black Jack” (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). The remaining summer broadcasts will consist of episodes 14–22, in which tensions continue to escalate between Jericho and the neighboring town of New Bern as they battle the Kansas winter, dwindling resources and the uncertainty of a new world. The citizens of Jericho must now find a way to unite against these hardships, working together to preserve their community and their way of life as they prepare for an all out battle for survival in the season finale."

Also, Shaun O'Mac from the blogtalkradio show has recently visited LA and the cast members. You can view the video HERE at Youtube or download the video HERE. There are also photos of the visit HERE!

Check out some of the other new promotional efforts underway HERE at savejericho