July 2nd, 2007


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Carol Barbee sent out a message on the CBS Messageboards today:
Dear Jericho Fans,

You did it. You brought JERICHO back. You have accomplished something that has only ever been done once before in television history. And you did it by becoming a passionate, articulate, creative, undeniable force. You people rock.

At some point in the future, maybe you could work on that world peace thing. I really think you could get it done.

But first things first.

CBS will be rebroadcasting episodes of JERICHO starting this Friday, July 6 at 9pm. We need you all to tune in. We need your friends to tune in. We need people who missed us the first time around to tune in and see what all the fuss is about. Most importantly, we need CBS to see that they were right to renew us. So, what do you say? Up for another challenge?

We, at the show, are forever in your debt. We hope the seven new (unbelievably awesome) episodes we are in the process of making will go towards repaying that debt, as well as getting us a third season. In the meantime, we’ll see you Friday nights at 9pm.

Thank you,
Carol Barbee
Executive Producer, JERICHO


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Final order of business - you're going to be seeing a lot of Jericho rerun promo ads on TV this week. If you come across any of them, PLEASE fill out the survey located HERE. There's no personal information required at all except for the city and state where you saw the ad. This is a great way to prove to CBS that their promos are making an impact!

More news!

More news came along while I wasn't looking...
  1. I know quite a few of you are confused on how ratings are counted and why it's such a big deal in the TV business. Thankfully, Charlie McCollum wrote an article in today's San Jose Mercury News that explains it a bit more.
    "Knowing I also had been flooded with angry protests, a network executive e-mailed me in late May to ask: "Where are these people coming from?" The answer was actually buried in CBS's own research. A significant portion of the "Jericho" audience had, from the very beginning, been watching the series online, on video on demand or in a time-shift mode in which they recorded episodes for later viewing..."


  2. In the wake of the whole debacle over why the show was cancelled, Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune has come up with a Viewers' Bill of Rights.
    "Here's the cold truth: If networks want something from viewers, they must show the TV audience some consideration in return. So I hereby inaugurate the TV Viewer Bill of Rights. These are things that we demand that networks start doing. You want us to watch, market and support your shows? Fine. Do these things for us...."


  3. Meanwhile, Martin Miller of the LA Times complains about the secrecy over whether a show has been cancelled or not.
    "I remember one network executive saying that shows are never canceled; they simply aren't renewed," said Tim Brooks, a noted TV historian and an executive vice president of research at Lifetime Networks. "Did you ever see a press release from a network saying, 'Hey, we just canceled our show!'?"


  4. Now for the fun stuff! CALLING ALL SOUTH CAROLINA RANGERS! There's a viewing party set up for you folks on Friday night! Check out the details here.

  5. And finally, the rest of us can still party in style with the Jericho Party Snacker created by nutsonline.com. Check out the details (and the shirt!) here.