July 4th, 2007


Happy Fourth!


Can you believe it? Just a month ago today, we were speculating on rumors of the show coming back. Now, the reruns are just two days away!
  1. CBS is stepping up to the plate again! Check out cbs.com and click on the "WATCH PREVIEW" button when they show Jake. But for the record - you probably don't need to create a new club - check out our Ring Hub, jericholinks.com, and the Livejournal newbie guide for the show if you're looking for more communities!

  2. Don't forget - when you see a CBS promo for the show on TV, PLEASE fill out the survey (no personal info required)

  3. Entertainment Weekly is looking for shows for it's Must List. Go suggest Jericho here

  4. The show is being blogged about all over the place (you can find a bunch of links under the cut if you want to go comment on them) but I really liked what Slice of SciFi had to say about the show, particularly Carol Barbee's comments:
    “I was talking to [CBS] from time to time through all of this. The people who were the strongest voices to cancel Jericho were not the people who were very involved in Jericho,” said Barbee...

    “They had said they were going to rerun our show with some repeats, so that the break would have been enough to get new viewers up to speed. But they didn’t do that. And they ceased to advertise or show us on the traditional network. For it to work, it had to be a two-pronged advertising strategy: You have to keep advertising to the traditional viewers, and that means television spots; and you have to have a presence online. They took us off the air for, I think, good intentions...

    “I really do think that Jericho and what just happened is a sea change in television."


Also, I've updated the community tags a little. Feel free to look around and comment where you'd like. The "show promotion" tag contains all of the news-y posts I've been making so far, so if you've forgotten something or want to check out promotion efforts, take a look!

While you're enjoying your day off, please remember our troops abroad and their families.

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