July 6th, 2007

Dean Sam Special Hell Here I Come

JERICHO Reruns Start TONIGHT 9pm!!!

Jericho reruns begin tonight at nine.  It is all explained in this article:

Everybody who can, PLEASE watch.  CBS will be monitoring the amount of viewers.  The more people watch, the more likely there will be another season after season two.  

SUPPORT THE CAUSE!  Let's show CBS that the VIEWERS are the boss here!
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Summer Reruns Discussion Post (July 6th, 2007)

(I realize this is abnormally early, but I won't be near a computer from 2pm to about 10pm tonight, so I'm posting this now.)

Consider this the 'community chat' post for tonight. Feel free to discuss anything and everything you'd like to about Jericho, including future events in the series.

Remember, Episode 1 is airing tonight at 9 EST/PST on CBS!


Episode 1.01 Discussion Post

(I realize this is abnormally early, but I won't be near a computer from 2pm to about 10pm tonight, so I'm posting this now.)

Episode: Pilot: The First 17 Hours
The citizens of a small Kansas town are left wondering what to do when a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, and they find themselves cut off from the outside world with no inkling of what has happened.

[from TV Guide]

This is the community discussion post for tonight's episode. Please keep the comments related to this episode only. If you'd like to discuss anything for the future episodes, please comment HERE

I'm not requiring that anyone wait until after the episode to comment in this entry, so if you don't want to be potentially spoiled for tonight's episode, I would suggest not reading any of the comments before or during the episode.
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Make sure you are counted!

Hey everyone, as sightoflandalready mentioned, tonight's the night!!! As you know, if you're not a Nielsen household, you're not being counted. So, make sure CBS knows you are watching. After tonight's episode (and every week from now on), there are a few ways you can make your voice heard.

- Use the feedback form on CBS.com
- Email Audience Services at  audsvcs@com
- Call the Comment Line at 323-575-4913
- Send a postcard to CBS NY ( 51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019 ) or CBS LA (7800 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036)

It's REALLY important that you use at least one of these means and contact CBS. In correspondence, tell them the demographics (age, sex location) of you and anyone you watched Jericho with. Tell them HOW you watched it (live, DVR, Innertube).

We know for a fact that these emails/calls are counted and reports are generated...this is the way to be heard and counted if you are not a Nielsen family!

Our fight begins again tonight...let's make sure they hear ALL of us!

Enjoy tonight's episode everyone...it's here because of us!