July 9th, 2007

Jericho Fan Fiction Awards

Thank you to sightofland for letting me bring this over.

I'm hosting a Jericho Fan Fiction Awards at my new site The Richmond Ranch. The awards covers all of Jericho. In other words stories about Jake, Jake and Heather, Hawkins, Hawkins and Jake, Jake and Johnson and so on.

This is your chance to acknowledge all the hard fan fiction writers out there. Just click on this address: http://therichmondranch.squarespace.com/round-one/. The nomination period is beginning today.

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MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Welcome Back Gift for the Cast and Crew

Stephanie from TX (sarork on the CBS msg boards) is arranging to provide water bottles with special labels for the cast and crew when they return to work. (If you listen to shaunomac radio, you know her as the woman with a 1 year old son whose husband is serving overseas in Iraq). Anyway, she's taking donations for anyone who wants to participate. The labels are waterproof and tearproof. You can see pictures of the label and find the rest of the information on how to donate on the CBS msg boards (http://jerichoboard.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?msg=16364&nav=messages&webtag=CBSMBJericho) and on myspace (www.myspace.com/jerichowaterbottles). 

It's a nice gift for everyone, but the real reason I bring this to you guys is because the company has agreed to tie a small note (1x2in) to each individual bottle before shipping them. Stephanie needs about 200 notes and as of around 6:30pm today, she still needed 140 more. She is creating them and mailing them to the water company. 

You do NOT need to donate money to write a note. If you would like to send one, please supply the following info to sarork05@yahoo.com or reply to the thread on CBS:

Name (you can include your sn on the msg boards as well)
Small Note (1-2 Sentences)

***Do not address the note to anyone. They are for everyone so anyone can get your message.


Jane( ID wfrlhwn), Las Vegas NV, your show helped my family cope with real problems
John, LA CA, Your show saved my marriage
Jane Doe, Israel, Your show took me to another place
John,(ID wlfhw), Mexico, I love your show
Jane, Ontario Canada, great show
John, Kansas City, great job keep up the great work

Thought this was a fun and free way to thank the cast and crew for their hard work on our favorite show. :)