July 18th, 2007

Jericho - B&W Skeet 1

Two Jericho bits from Michael Ausiello

Michael is reporting from a CBS Press Tour.

9:22 am: Lots of talk about Jericho's resurrection. Tassler admits the long mid-season break hurt the show.

No, really Nina?? Please, tell me something new.

Wait, here's a new bit! There is a spoiler in his post about the season premiere. I am warning you before you click on it. Anyone that wants to stay spoiler free storyline-wise DO NOT CLICK.

More CBS Press Tour and scroll down to the 9:37 am entry.
MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Master List of New Articles

With CBS doing all their press this week, LOTS of new articles have started pouring out from critics. Today, they mostly say the same thing, quote Nina Tassler and a few contain spoilers. One blogger agreed to keep and update a master list of all the articles so people didn't have to scour the boards looking for them. It'd be nice if we read, comment and digg them to thank the writers for covering the Jericho story. (In case some of you weren't aware, some critics yesterday were angry after receiving emails asking them to cover the Jericho story so I think it's important we thank the ones that did by commenting.) The list is located here - http://arabellesalley.blogspot.com/2007/07/master-list-for-jericho.html

I'm sure some of the other Jericho sites will email the article links in the coming days as well. And certainly, we'll see many more articles tomorrow when the critics get to speak with the cast.

In addition to the cast, Jeff Braverman from nutsonline.com will be there tomorrow as well. In fact, he was on the Van Nuys set of Jericho today filming...what exactly he was filming is being kept secret. Here are today's entries from his blog:

1:18 PM EDT (10:18 AM PDT) Hello Jericho lovers! LA is beautiful! I am staying with a friend who is studying at UCLA and the campus is incredible. Went to the Santa Monica Pier and then the 3rd Street Promenade for dinner last night!

Don't worry, I am still working. I am always working. You know this by now.

I just took a dry run to the location of the CBS party tomorrow night. Literally. Well not entirely literally. I did run there, but I was sweating a bit. :-P It is conveniently less than 2 miles from my friend's apartment.

Ok, better wrap up this post, shower, and make myself look pretty (er, handsome)...I am getting picked up in an hour and going to a special location in Van Nuys to be filmed for something...Shoot, did I just spill some beans?!!? Uhoh...I can't take it back now. 

8:20 PM EDT (5:20 PM PDT) Wowsers!!! Just got back from the set of Jericho!!! It was surreal. It was amazing. I met with the producers and writers as well. They are such nice and wonderful people and I was really touched by their kindness. Okay, I need to unwind a bit and hang out with my friend, but be prepared for awesome photos!!!

Ok, that's all for today guys. Get ready for some more exciting news tomorrow...I think we'll hear some exciting things!!