July 19th, 2007


Public Service Announcement: Orlando Sentinel Article

The Orlando Sentinel has an article out titled, Could "Jericho" Article Mean You'll See A New CBS? There are spoilers within the article itself, but there were some important tidbits in there (Skeet & Lennie lobbied to have the show renewed before the cancellation was announced, all new 7 episodes will be aired regardless of ratings, production has begun, etc.) that I think ALL of you guys should read.

Since the spoilers are the same as what were posted yesterday, go here to read them.

I've copy and pasted the article below and removed the spoilers. Enjoy!

Could "Jericho" saga mean you'll see a new CBS?
Posted on Jul 18, 2007 2:57:07 PM

All you nuts out there: Take heart. You might have changed television.

CBS' willingness to tackle more controversial topics could be a reaction to the network's cancellation-then-renewal of "Jericho." That's the view of Nina Tassler, the network's president of entertainment.

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[Original Article (INCLUDES SPOILERS)]

CBS Live Press Tour, Day 2!

So, Day 2 of the CBS press tour included a panel with Carol Barbee, Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, and Ashley Scott! Mike Ausiello got a couple of spoilers, so I've copy & pasted the essentials below (source is here if you want it with the spoilers)

0:28 am: Nuts! CBS has planted one-pound bags of peanuts on all of our chairs, along with "Save Jericho" T-shirts! Nothing like a little swag to brighten my post-Emmy nod doldrums.

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