July 20th, 2007


Skeet has issues?

From the Knoxville News Sentinel:
SKEET ULRICH: 'I HAVE ISSUES!' The star of "Jericho" doesn't like to be himself on camera. He's cool with a script, but he doesn't like to be himself. He says he doesn't like looking at himself, and he second guesses why he says things. Oh, pee-shaw, Skeet Ulrich!


Aww Skeet!

Summer Reruns Discussion Post (July 20th)

Consider this the 'community chat' post for tonight.

Feel free to discuss anything and everything you'd like to about Jericho, including future events in the series.

If you're a newbie to the show and would prefer to find things out as they progress in the reruns, don't read the comments. All others are welcome!

Remember, at 9 PM EST/PST, episode 14 "The Heart of Winter" will air.