July 23rd, 2007


Some other stuff

Thanks to bbqnate and those of you who commented in support of his idea, Jericho now has a home on the Usenet! Check out the information here.

Also, it turns out that the water bottles have arrived! The cast seems to love them, apparently :D (here's a pic!)

In ratings news, Friday's ratings are finally out:
"...a repeat of Jericho (2.4/5 HH rating, 3.52M viewers, 0.8/3 A18-49 rating), which was the 13th episode of the season...

"A repeat of Numb3rs... remained lower than usual, but improved fairly dramatically from its lead-in, obviously indicating that the audience is changing the channel when Jericho comes on, and returning back to CBS for Numb3rs."


Zach Gemignani at Juice Analytics actually went through the stats for the ratings from last season, including the ones for Jericho. His motivation was:
"I had a few questions I was curious about:

1. Which shows have disproportionately larger internet audiences--an indicator of a loyal and rabid fan base? Are there other shows like Jericho that struggle to build a large TV audience but have a strong online following?
2. Which TV show sites have the most engaged audiences?
3. What TV networks have been most successful at building online traffic to their sites? Which types of shows spawn online audiences?"

He has A LOT of interesting information, so if you want to see the data for yourself, check out the article here.

As a final heads-up: please take into account that they can track a) how many people visit a website, and b) how long they stay on that site. We really need to ramp up numbers for our CBS.com site, so PLEASE check out the messageboards yourselves if you can!