July 28th, 2007

MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Lots of Random Tidbits

Since yesterday, there has been some major revampage to the CBS site so you guys might wanna check it out. www.jerichorises.com. In addition to the Production Blog, they've also added a widget and chatroom.

They'll be updating from Comic Con all weekend so check the CBS page frequently for updates...Jericho's big Comic Con day is Sunday I believe.

They're also cleaning up the message boards and trying to get things more organized so hopefully, it'll be a bit more user friendly. Those of you that frequent there know it's a total mess and hard to find threads most of the time.

The Production Blog started Friday Rerun trivia last night. Every week, they'll post a question and start a thread for us to answer. This week's question for Semper Fidelis is "What is the significance of the authentication code that Sarah Mason uses on her communicator?" Have an answer? Post it here.

For those of you that like trivia, fan Morgan hosts Jericho trivia Saturday nights at 9pm ET in the Jericho Library on www.jeritopia.com. Usually, the questions are about the episode that aired the previous Friday. It's lots of fun and half of us don't know the answers so it's a totally chill environment and we joke around a lot. Hope to see some of you there tonight!

And all you Stimi fans might want to listen to Shaun's podcast from last night. Brad Beyer and Alicia Coppola were on for the first hour and they are all kinds of adorable. :)


Friday night's ratings

"The summer doldrums hit another Friday night in the ratings, with CBS and NBC claiming the top of a not very tall heap...

"The second hour of "Smackdown!," 2.8/5, tied NBC's "Las Vegas" for the lead at 9 p.m. A "Jericho" rerun on CBS drew a 2.5/5. FOX's movie closed with a 2.3/5, topping "Greek" on ABC.


I figured no one really cares at this point, after Nina's message about the ratings research, but it's new info nevertheless :D