July 30th, 2007


Comicon coverage

Happy Monday to you all! Just a heads-up: OC Weekly has a blog of the Jericho panel, which is far more detailed than anything I've seen yet, barring an actual fan transcript. Therefore, I've copied and pasted it under the cut, with the spoilery parts blocked out. If you'd like to see the original, click here.

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Buddy TV also has a NON-spoilery article about how the internet fans saved the show. You can find that here.

Forbes on CBS earnings

Forbes has already done their earnings preview for CBS this quarter, and had this to say:
Meanwhile, CBS television is still among the ratings leaders because of stalwarts "Survivor" and the "CSI" franchise, but the network's ratings have declined in recent months. The unit had a misstep earlier in the quarter, when fans angrily reacted to its decision to pull the series "Jericho," prompting the company to reinstate the show.

Earlier in the period, CBS said it joined a group of five media companies, including Viacom, to invest $45 million in Joost, a company attempting to broadcast television over the Internet.

For all of you (fellow) stock geeks, you can find the rest of the article here.

It's interesting that they're looking into Joost. Maybe they'll be using that instead of Innertube in the future?