September 3rd, 2007

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Live Chats

Hey guys,

In case you don't frequent the CBS board, I just wanted to let you know that Dan Shotz will be hosting a chat this Friday in the CBS Jericho chatroom where he'll answer fans' questions. For all the info, see this thread.

* Note: Some people have said that Jericho is airing at 8pm this Friday, instead of 9pm...I don't know if this is true or not, but you might want to check your local listings and if you plan on joining the chat with Dan, keep checking back on the CBS message boards...the idea is for the chat to coincide with the airing of the episode, so if the episode is an hour earlier, the chat might be too.

For those of you that don't visit every day and want to see Jericho survive for more than 7 new episodes, please please please try to make an effort to stop by there for 5 minutes each day. Try to leave one post on the CBS message board a day if you can. Our web traffic is being monitored by CBS just like everything else we's incredibly important for us to keep our presence shown to them on their website. A couple minutes a day from each fan is crucial and there are so many cool things on there like the Production Blog that it should go by quickly!

If you haven't used the CBS message boards yet, xwarp has created a tutorial which is super helpful and can be found here.

Lastly, you guys might want to check out Jeritopia. If you don't already know, it's a fan-run chatroom. Sometimes we talk Jericho, sometimes we talk other things, but it's always a good time. They've started hosting different events throughout the week like Episode Discussions where we all watch the episode on Innertube or DVR together and discuss it in real time (tonight is Episode 1.19), weekly trivia with fan Morgan in the Jericho Library, and starting last night, moderated trivia with Morgan and the Jeritopia mods where they give away prizes. So come by and check it out! Don't be's full of friendly, welcoming people! (And let me know if you're gonna stop by and I'll try to be there too!)
MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Jericho Rerun Times

CBS has once again screwed with the rerun schedule so check your local listings.  

Friday, September 7th - NEW TIME,
Friday, September 14th - Same day/time
Saturday, September 15th - NEW DAY AND TIME

According to listings, the schedule is as follows:

Friday, 9/7 - 8pm, One if by Land
Friday, 9/14 - 9pm, Coalition of the Willing
SATURDAY, 9/15,  8pm - Why We Fight

According to CBS, the 9/7 and 9/15 broadcasts are at 9pm, but it seems that this is old information and that they haven't updated the site yet.