November 9th, 2007

MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Passing on a message from your Jericho family...

Regarding the Writers Strike

Dear Jericho Rangers:
As you probably know, the writers' union has gone on strike against the studios and now your favorite TV shows, including JERICHO, are in jeopardy. 
But what you may not know, is the truth behind it all.
Last summer, the Jericho Rangers ran one of the most successful grassroots campaigns in history. With that in mind, we would be so grateful if you could post the following link wherever you can:
This video, appropriately entitled WHY WE FIGHT, is a very accurate and fair description of why the writers are striking. 
If after you've watched this video, you would like to make a difference, please let the studios and networks know that you support the writers in their fight for a fair contract in order to get your shows back on the air. The writers also ask that you do not purchase and download TV shows and/or watch the TV shows that are streamed online by their networks until this strike is resolved.
Thank you for all you have done!
Your Jericho Family


Here is the video the letter links to:


In addition, I want to point you in the direction of which is a multifandom effort in support of the WGA. There is a (pretty large) petition, ways to get involved, and lots of avatars and such to show your support.

If anyone's interested in following the strike more closely, check out wga_supporters .

Also, one of the Jericho writers, Steve Scaia, was on Shaun O'Mac's blogtalkradio show on Wednesday for about an hour. He discussed the strike as well as Season 2 of Jericho...not too spoilery, but he did give us bits and pieces of what the seven episodes have in store for our favorite town. You can listen to the podcast at