December 1st, 2007

MISC // Find Your Stage Door

Hey Jericho Fans!

I know it's been quiet around here lately, but I just wanted to stop over and update you guys a bit.

As I'm sure you know, the WGA is on strike and the fans over on the CBS boards have been coming up with ways to help them out. There is a HUGE campaign going on right now across all fandoms: Pencils2MediaMoguls. This is a great, unified way to show your support and they're only a buck a box so it doesn't take much to show your support! Be sure to type Jericho in the box where it asks what show you're supporting! (We also have a paypal account set up to group Jericho orders...if you want that link, I can get it for you.)

The video I linked you to last week (in the comments since embedding didn't work) has been posted on TONS of websites! You can view and comment here, here and here. It's a goodie that you definitely want to see!

Also, I urge you guys to join wga_supportersto stay up to date on how we can help to support the writers who make our shows happen!