February 3rd, 2008

Jeritopia Chat with Jennie Sword - Jericho Townsperson

A Humble Townsperson Speaks - Jennie Sword

Jeritopia is pleased to announce Jericho Actress Jennie Sword has graciously agreed to come to chat with fans and talk about her time on the set of Jericho, as well as some of her other talents such as photography and visual effects animation.

Monday, February 4th, 10pm ET

A little bit about our guest:

Jennie Sword is best known for her role as Townsperson on Jericho but acting is not her only talent. She has a degree in Photography and attended school to study visual effects. She specialized in visual effects animation.

What is not well known about Jennie is that she was the Particle Effects Animator for a film called Demon Slayer (2003) which was produced by 1st Chance Films, Roger Corman's joint company with L.A. Film School. She worked in visual effects on two other uncredited projects. One was for a Discovery Channel series called Moments In Time.

So get your questions ready and come join us for what promises to be a great time.

This will be a hosted chat.
Fans will be asked to post their questions in an orderly manner to allow our guest sufficient time to answer.