February 9th, 2008


More Jericho Press!

We have three more days (!) until the Season 2 premiere, and it's really gratifying to see just how many major publications/websites are taking notice. Here are a few links if you're interested: Variety, LA Times.

BuddyTV has a spoilery preview about the new season (but nothing worth agonizing over if you read it). However, I was surprised to see that Newsday had a far more spoilery article. Some of those spoilers you may be upset about reading, since they definitely come from the first three episodes.

Unfortunately, not all publicity is good. MSNBC and Chicago Sun-Times both feature the same article that mistakenly attribute the term 'nuts.' You'd think that the moron who wrote it would at least have watched the finale, wouldn't you?
“I don’t think CBS really grasped that the show had a worldwide appeal,” said blogtalkradio.com host Shaun Daily of Las Vegas, who is credited with initiating the nuts campaign, an idea he derived from star Skeet Ulrich’s often-used expression — the one-word lament: “Nuts.” — in the season finale.

I wish there was a way to leave comments on those articles, but I have yet to find one.