February 13th, 2008

Season 2 - What's New?

Jericho, season 2 - plot talk, fun and more!

Jericho - Season 2!!

All the lastest on each episode of season 2 - plot talk, visual trivia, screen caps and more!

The NUTS and the NTSN news channel

Want to see the CBS hommage to our NUTS? Stop on by for pics and also the NTSN news transcript!.

Cast and Characters:

Heather Returns! Check out the screen caps of Heather's return, STIMI and other important character moments. 


Episode 2.01 Discussion Post

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I wasn't around to post this last night - I've been without cable and internet access for an entire day due to the idiots who run our local cable company, but it's finally been fixed! That's why you'll see so many new posts approved in the community in the past hour or so.

That said, onto the discussion:

Episode: Reconstruction
As the second season begins, a new government steps in and restores order, but tensions between Jericho and New Bern continue unabated and Jake will not rest until he kills Constantino. Meanwhile, Hawkins fears his nemesis is still hunting him.

[from TV Guide]

This is the community discussion post for last night's episode. Please keep the comments related to this episode only. Speculation based solely on the information from last night's episode is welcome!